Welcome to your Full Recovery

I help ex-JWs achieve a full recovery into a happy life


I will show you how to become one of the many survivors that are now thriving...

You are courageous. I know you are ready for a happy life free of control. You want to fully recover from what you have experienced. I understand. I have been there too.  I was raised as a Jehovah Witness. 

When you were in the Jehovah Witness cult you were taught never to seek outside help. You were not allowed to seek counselling support because they didn't want you to discover the truth.  You were programmed to trust no-one but the organisation. You were caught up in a toxic, narcissistic "relationship" and programmed to be afraid. 


Yet, here you are. You are brave. You are not alone. There are many like you that have learnt to have good life… and so will you.

Loving and accepting yourself through all you have been through is truly the key to feeling good. I get 100% results helping ex-JWs who are ready for a happy life of love, great relationships, fulfilment and freedom to live life as they choose.  

I will help you achieve full recovery by combining three unique skills.  


Firstly, I am classically trained with nearly 20 years experience helping ex-JWs , like you, fully recover their lives.

I work exclusively online through live audio calls with clients across four continents. This means no time zone or geographic barriers. Just you and me wherever you are.  

Secondly, I immerse myself in building up your strength. We won't go round in circles. I am results focussed. You will save time, money and lots of sadness. 


Thirdly, I am a Jungian therapist, I work with Archetypes.. That means I will show you to really know yourself ...yourSELVES actually. Your 'Inner Team' are inside you right now and you are unconsciously acting out that drama rather than the life you want to be living. We, together, will turn this into your strength.  

I know you want support but are a little nervous. I was too.

It's not enough just to survive after the JW.Org.  Let's get you thriving. 

 That's why I'm offering you a taster session for just £22GBP / $27 USD so you can finally start to recover today.  

I only have a few of these available each week so say yes to your freedom today.


This works because you will finally be heard, seen and loved


This means that with strategies from me, you are guaranteed that all of 'the inner you' will be working for you to create the fulfilled and happy life you crave.


These strategies have worked for hundreds before you, they are guaranteed change your life too.

Together, we can learn how you can fully recover and love and accept yourself for who you are. 

To do this properly, I work with only twelve clients at any one time.  I have two spaces available.  I'd like you to be one of them.


My thriving clients are learning:

  • That they CAN be happy once they overcome low esteem and claim their right to feel worthy.
  • That the treasure of a good life comes when self-loathing, abuse, co-dependency and heartbreak have been overcome.
  • That the medicine to a positive life is self-love and that comes with remarkably simple training.
  • That the job, career and partner they would love to wake up to exists once they face their fears and let go of the JW programming for good.

You can become one of my Thriver clients


If you realise enough is enough.

If you want to begin again.

If you want to create a positive life on your terms.

If you want to know your own mind.

If you choose to embrace the strategies to love yourself enough so you can create a fulfilled and happy life.  

 I am here for you…  your happiness starts with this tiny step .. 

Book your Taster Session for just £22GBP / $27 USD so you can finally start to recover.  

I only have a few of these available each week so say yes to your freedom today.

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Client Thrivers


Rob. Georgia. USA

It is the only  Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses Counselling Service run by a recovered ex-Jehovah’s Witness.  She supported me through my pain. Pushed me through my fears and gave my tools to live.  Lisa is a Survivor and she helped me thrive." 


Rachel. Surrey. UK

“Lisa has been there and done it so people don’t have to explain anything to her.  She got out of the Jehovah Witness cult herself. She justs gets it.  This ex Jehovah Witness counseling saves you a lot of time, money and heartache."  


Barry & Laura. Tarifa. Spain

"No-one else understood.  We had suffered so long after our family shunned us.  As devoted parents, we were heartbroken that our own daughter hadn't spoken to us since we left the JWs.  We loved being her parents and the suffering from the shunning policy nearly broke us.  We turned to Lisa for her support and now we have the strategies to cope whenever the loss of her in our lives feels too much.  If you take anything from our story, it's this.. Don't suffer alone.  There is good help out there.  It comes in the form of Lisa Magdalena.  Her taster session is a good start".